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20-22MM BANDLINERS - 3 Sets - Fits Strap & Buckle, 42MM/44MM Apple Watch, Fitbit Charge

20-22MM BANDLINERS - 3 Sets - Fits Strap & Buckle, 42MM/44MM Apple Watch, Fitbit Charge

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BANDLINERS are the world's only hypoallergenic* & antimicrobial liners for watch bands and wearables.

Helps protect your wrist from irritation / contact dermatitis / allergy due to sweat & watch band material.*

Package includes three sets of BANDLINERS made to fit strap & buckle style watch bands with lug width between 20-22MM.

Fits the following band styles & materials:

  • 20-22MM Strap & Buckle style bands in leather, rubber, nylon or metal.
  • Most 42MM & 44MM Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport Bands

BANDLINERS use a unique, high tack adhesive that stays firmly attached–even when wet–while remaining removable from most leather, rubber, metal, and nylon watch bands.  BANDLINERS may not currently adhere to some silicone & urethane band styles–but we're working on it!

To Ensure The Best Experience With Bandliners:

Each set of BANDLINERS lasts up to 1 month; replacement after one month is recommended for optimal removal. Customers should note that BANDLINERS will not currently adhere to certain bands made from silicone & urethane. 

Customers should use discretion with use on ALL leather watch straps, especially unlined or sueded leather straps, as the BANDLINERS may adhere more aggressively to these materials. Bandliners are intended to extend the lifespan of watch straps by preventing contact with sweat and skin, and they are not intended to preserve the integrity of the surface upon which they're applied–removability will vary.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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