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Frequently Asked Questions

BANDLINERS are the first and only product of their type, and understandably there are plenty of questions about their use and features. Many early adopters have helped contribute to this FAQ, and if we've missed anything here please let us know at! 


BANDLINERS are patent-pending stickers that attach to the inside of watch bands. Currently they're offered in the Strap & Buckle style only, but additional styles and sizes are in the works.
In the meantime BANDLINERS can be applied to non-Strap & Buckle style bands–there are some clever ways to do this–so if you're interested in these "hacks" feel free to shoot us a note at 

What are the benefits of wearing BANDLINERS?

BANDLINERS were originally created to prevent the dreaded "watch band stink/funk/odor" that invariably presents itself after several months of use. However, with the introduction of the product via Kickstarter, and the subsequent feedback of early backers, a number of additional uses have been identified, and the list of benefits keeps growing!
Some of the benefits reported by users (so far):
  • Increased comfort & fit, and decreased "sliding" of the watch, especially on metal watch bands.
  • Reduction (and in some cases complete elimination) of rashes and irritation associated with certain sensitivities to leather / rubber / metal watch band materials.
  • "Infinite" longevity of watch bands, in terms of the prevention of odors from ever developing. We're not saying your watch band will last forever (the material itself will wear down over time) but we are saying it will likely never develop watch band stink/funk/odor again!

How do BANDLINERS work?

BANDLINERS work by blocking sweat, skin oils, and various debris from making contact with your watch band, thus preventing bacterial growth. Furthermore, they leverage a special hypoallergenic & antibacterial treatment that further inhibits bacterial growth. 

How long do BANDLINERS last?

The recommended lifespan of a single set of BANDLINERS is approximately one month.
Depending on your daily use and lifestyle factors your mileage may vary. It's very unlikely they'll last less than a month, but it's possible they may last quite a bit longer; however, one month is the recommended replacement cycle based on the stability of the adhesive, and general sanitary reasons (e.g. if you're really out there getting sweaty & dirty).

Do they stay attached when wet?

Yes! BANDLINERS use a special adhesive that keeps them firmly attached even when completely wet. Some wearers even use them on their watches while swimming. 

    Will BANDLINERS affect my watch band?

    BANDLINERS have been painstakingly engineered & tested to be removable from the widest range of watch band materials possible, especially when following the suggested one month of use per set recommendation. 
    Watch bands made from lined leather (or with an interior of treated leather), metal, rubber, and nylon will all perform very well over time. Unlined watch bands (raw leather) and sueded watch bands will not perform as well, simply due to the nature of how adhesive works.


    BANDLINER Wearer Guidance

    Wearers must use their discretion when wearing BANDLINERS, and we have the following recommendations:
    • Remember that watch bands (with the exception of metal bands) are inherently disposable. BANDLINERS help to prolong the wearable lifespan of watch bands from months to years by preventing bacterial growth.
    • BANDLINERS core function is to prolong the lifespan of watch bands by preventing bacterial growth & odors, and not necessarily to preserve the inner lining of the watch band.
    • Use discretion when applying BANDLINERS to any band that is unlined leather, raw leather, suede leather, or any other porous material.
    • Use discretion with respect to the watch bands you choose to apply BANDLINERS to, e.g. it is not recommended for any type of irreplaceable or priceless watch straps.
    In just about every circumstance, BANDLINERS will improve the watch wearing experience; however, they are to be worn at the discretion of the wearer, and we do not accept any responsibility for wearers that do not follow the above guidance. For more information please review our complete terms & conditions

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