TIEplus frequently asked questions

I spent nearly all of 2014 designing, testing, wearing, using, and perfecting the TIEplus alongside a number of dedicated testers.

I've compiled a list of everything that's come up so far from our experiences.




Q: Will the tie+ fall off?
A: NO. Under just about any normal circumstance the tie+ will not fall off. It holds up no problem when in use, and it will hang on even in moderately windy conditions.

Q: OK. When has it fallen off?
A: This is an exhaustive list of my own experiences along with those reported by my testers. None of the cases were "falling off"; rather, they were "pulled off":

  • Pulled off by the seatbelt in my car twice (over of hundreds of drives to/from work, lunch, etc.)
  • Caught on a belt buckle once–but I have a sneaking suspicion the gentlemen's tie was tied a bit too low! See this GQ Style Guy commentary on "The right tie length" for more info: GQ Style Guy: The right tie length

So a total of three instances (so far – we're pragmatic) out of 100s of wears by a large group of people resulted in the tie+ "falling off".

Q: If I wear the tie+ will my tie hover towards, or otherwise be attracted to common* objects nearby, such as a filing cabinet or refrigerator? 
A: No. While the magnets used by the tie+ are strong, they are too small to become attracted to common* metal objects.

* "Common" objects refers to objects not capable of emitting magnetic fields, such as MRI machines. If you will be in the presence of an object that can emit a strong magnetic field you should abide by that area's strict guidelines and you should not wear the tie+ on your tie.

Q: If I wear the tie+ will small metal objects, such as paperclips, fly at me or get stuck to my tie?
A: No. While the magnets used by the tie+ are strong, they are too small to attract small metal objects.

Q: Can the tie+ affect the function of my credit cards, mechanical watch, or other items thought to be susceptible to magnetic corruption?
A: While wearing and properly using the tie+ your magnetically susceptible items will remain out of the proximity of the tiny but potent magnets used by the tie+. 

However, after removing your tie+ and when storing it you should not keep it in close proximity to magnetically susceptible items because they may be affected by close contact with the tie+ magnets.

The tie+ comes with a carrying case that can be used to store your tie+ when it's not in use to prevent any accidental contact with magnetically susceptible items.

More on magnets: we've dedicated an entire section of the website to magnet safety. Please check out this page if you have additional questions about the magnets used by the tie+: A NOTE ON MAGNETS  



Q: Can I wash the tie+?
A: Yes! But we strongly recommend washing it by hand in a sink with a tiny amount of dish soap.

Many of my own tie+ have made accidental trips through my laundromat's punishing wash&fold. Along with confusing the hell out of the owners of that fine establishment, they survived–but not without some contraction of the microfiber due to the heat. I do not recommend putting the tie+ through a clothes dryer due to the risk of heat damaging the material. 

Q: How long will the tie+ last?
A: The lifespan of your tie+ will depend on how much you use it. It is made from extremely high quality ("optical grade") microfiber and with proper care it will last quite some time, but it will of course lose its new look and feel from consistent wear and tear.

The tie+ is priced reasonably so that it can be replaced after several months of consistent use.




Q: Is "tie+" singular or plural?
A: It's both! English is a wonderful language.

Q: What happens if you forget to wear your tie+ one day?
A: Every minute of the day you'll constantly ask yourself "why the hell am I wearing this [tie] if I can't use it to clean anything?" I've forgotten to wear mine a handful of times and it was agony. 

More FAQ will be added as things come up!